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Turn On/Off your home appliances using your phone. Turn down your fans. Dim your lights. Track your power consumption. Control appliances with a voice command. With IOTO Switch, you can do all of this even when you aren’t home. Make your home smart and ready for the future. IOTO mobile app allows you to trigger and regulate appliances when they are connected to our smart switches. The switch can track the power consumption and show you the real-time insights on the behavior of applications.


  • Easy Installation
  • Switches have surge protectors inside to handle voltage variations within the circuit
  • No modification required in the internal wiring to install the smart switch – a Retrofit Module
  • Perfect working is ensured even with manual switches
  • Regulate fans on a tap
  • Command with the voice on the integration of Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • Wi-Fi enabled product that works with/without internet connectivity

Technical Specifications:

  • Normal Load up to – 5A
  • 1 Dimmer Load up to – 5A
  • I/P Voltage Rating – 230V/50Hz

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Available in 3 variants


Smart single phase MCB

Three phase MCB

Battery Sensitivity

Awesomeness in HAWIOT Switch comes with a unique patent-pending modular sensor strip that makes it comfortable for a user to simply plug & sense any sensor from the HAWIOT Sensor catalog. An elegant device that sits above the switchboard with the capability of sensing the room environment. Being at the top of the switchboard and away from the internal connections gives the sensor strip a lot of advantages. There is no interference between the sensors leading to better sensitivity than the trivial ‘sensor hubs’ present in the market. Inbuilt Temperature Sensor and Infrared Blasters present in Sensor Strip enable HAWIOT Switch to monitor temperature and completely control switches and IR appliances present in a room.

This app is available for your smart phone.

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